The only seminar on convertible (cabriolet) care March 2015!

The only seminar on cabriolet (convertible) care

Cabriolet (convertible) is the motorization essence. Only a few people can properly look after these beautiful cars. Be the first to really impress your friends and become the convertible professional! We invite you to the first such seminar in the world. For three (3) full days you will learn how to clean your treasured vehicle appropriately, how to impregnate, how to refresh the color, how to put new color or change the color of the roof. You will learn elements of repairing the hood.


The seminar is conducted by a man who’s been working with convertibles for almost 8 years and has many times elicited a blush, the moment he showed the polished or renovated car to the owner.



Come to the seminar if you want:


- be one of few cabrio care specialists in the world;

- impress significantly;

- achieve a higher level of car care;

- earn more money on car service;

- have more wealthy Clients;

- make cars in a perfect way;

- widen your service.



The range of the 3 day Seminar:


- recognition of hoods made of canvas or vinyl;

- the usage of proper, safe, effective chemicals;

- removing the biggest enemy of soft hoods – mold;

- proper washing of the roof;

- avoiding expensive and painful mistakes (popular and less popular);

- the technical assessment of the soft top when it comes to refreshing or changing the color;

- protection of varnish during coloring and impregnation;

- coloring the hood or/ changing the color – all aspects;

- impregnation of the cabriolet’s roof;

- plastic small glass – why does it lose clarity?

- removal of crackings, tarnishes, and restoring their clarity;

- how to fix leakiness of the roof;

- how to fix cut materials.


The seminar will be conducted in English. If you need translation, you can get it for 300 Euro.


The seminar will be conducted by an experienced trainer Sebastian Kocol. The material will be presented in an accessible way. We guarantee grand atmosphere.


There will be a special guest from England– Patrick Coghlan (Renovo International). He’s the biggest specialist on soft cabrio roofs in the world.


What do you gain?

- our seminars make you earn more money;

- you will gain specific abilities known to only a few people in the world;

- you will become a cabrio specialist;

- you will avoid painful mistakes;

- you get a free coaching from Sebastian for three (3) months after the seminar;

- you will meet convertible lovers and specialist from all over the world – you will be able to help each other in your businesses or make business partners;

- you will get wholesale discount for Gliptone, Renovo and Oranje cosmetics.



The seminar takes 3 days.

The price includes:

- 3 hotel nights with breakfast Hotel Partner

- Coffee, tea, juices, water and biscuits during the seminar

- Lunch during the seminar

- Integration party on the first day of the seminar

- limousine ride on the first night

- a private, exclusive entertainment hypnosis show on the first night

- supper on the first night

- party on the first night

- Workbook

- certificate


The seminar will be conducted on real cars BMW, Porsche, Mitsubishi


After the seminar you will get a cabrio care specialist certificate which you can show to your wealthier and wealthier Clients.


The first ten people who book their tickets receive a free set of car care cosmetics!



13,14,15 March 2015



Warsaw – capitol city of Poland, Europe


The price?

For such specialized Seminar only 1.900 Euro.


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